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Step 1: Schedule an Installation

Sign up to schedule a date and time for a Supernova technician to come install your service.

Step 2: We'll Set You Up

A technician will arrive at the scheduled time and install an Ethernet jack in your home (if needed) as well as a small antenna or dish on the outside of your home.

Step 3: Plug In and Go!

That's it! Simply connect your computer or wireless router to the Ethernet jack and enjoy your service!


What is Supernova Communications and how does it work?
Supernova Communications is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that uses our own high-performance, industrial-grade wireless network to provide broadband internet service coverage to the Las Cruces area. For you to receive internet service at your individual location, we install an antenna or dish on your roof (just like a satellite TV installation) which picks up a high-speed encrypted wireless signal from one of our network access points. A small cable is run from the antenna on the roof to an Ethernet jack that we install inside your home. We'll provide a modem (free of charge) to which you can directly connect your own wireless router or individual devices.


Is this a Wi-Fi service?
Supernova Communications is NOT a Wi-Fi service that you can connect to with your laptop. Service is delivered via a standard Ethernet jack. For Wi-Fi access to the internet, you must still provide your own wireless router. While traditional ISPs use phone lines or coaxial cable to deliver bandwidth to customer's homes, we have built our own industrial-grade wireless network to ensure you get a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection at a great price.


Aren't wireless internet providers slow and unreliable?
In the past, wireless network technology was slow and suffered from high latency and weather-related outages. Some WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers) still use these older technologies to provide internet to underserved areas, but Supernova Communications uses only the latest industrial-grade wireless technology which offers speed and reliability that rivals even the best fiber-optic internet providers. Whether you're a movie fan who wants to marathon that entire trilogy on Netflix or an online gamer looking to pull a multiplayer all-nighter, we're 100% sure you'll be satisfied with our service!


Will the installation damage my home?
All of our installations are professionally done. Antenna masts are mounted to existing structures on your roof or walls -- we do NOT penetrate the roof membrane. When running cable from the antenna to inside your unit, we will use existing cable paths or conduits if possible. If there is no existing penetration into your unit (ie. for cable TV or phone lines) we may need to drill a small hole underneath a window sill to feed the cable. The hole will be professionally caulked and sealed and the cable will terminate at a standard Ethernet jack.


Can my landlord or homeowner's association prevent you from installing internet service at my home?
The FCC passed the Telecommunication Act of 1996, preventing a landlord or HOA from forcing you to pay unreasonable extra costs or prevent us from installing wireless internet equipment within the FCC guidelines. For additional information, please visit